Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday night roast - Rolled Lamb Brisket

Driving home on a Friday evening after what had been a busy week for both of us, it was great to think there was little planned for the weekend, except maybe some relax time, a quiet drink or two and a bite to eat.

This line of thinking starts me thinking about dinner, and I feel like something tasty, yet something a little different, finding it too hard to come up with an idea, I take a small detour past the Main Street shops and call into the local butcher shop.

Tony, the butcher was just pushing his trolley full of meats back to the cool-room as I walked in, he saw the disappointment on my face at the empty display fridge, but was quick to suggest he would accommodate what ever it was I desired, he is a good bloke!

Not wanting to put him to too much trouble I asked what he had on the trolley and said I wasn't sure what I wanted, but it had to be tasty and relatively easy to prepare, he immediately asked what about one of these as he held up a rolled lamb brisket? I have enjoyed the roast meats Tony prepares in this way many times, but never a rolled lamb brisket before.  He explained it would cook in 45 minutes, but to let it rest a further 20 minutes for best results.

I am thinking bung this thing in the oven for 45 minutes, open a coldy and have a relax whilst it cooks, prepare a sauce while it rests and dinner is virtually on the table, he had me sold on the idea pretty quick.

I had decided on the way home to keep the veg to the minimum, just a few potatoes and a couple of carrots for colour, some green beans, I also added a half dozen cloves of garlic and a few shallots in the baking tray for a bit more flavour.

We arrived home at six, had the meal in the oven fifteen minutes later and cracked a Corona around the same time, or maybe that was the second?  Thing was the weekend had started, it was time to kick back and relax and we have wasted no time doing just that.

There was a point in the evening though, when Jo had some concerns, that being, when it came time to my making a sauce to complete this meal.  Having taken the meat out of the oven, I placed the roasting dish on the hot plate, sprinkled some plain flour over the juices and formed a paste, I then picked up Jo's bottle of red and started pouring into the tray, a look of disbelief crossed her face and an exclamation of "What are yo doing?", the distressed looked turned to one of pleasure when she finally tasted the result.

Rolled lamb brisket with roast veg and a red wine sauce, mmm that was good, must do that again!

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