Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pollo al limeno (Mamma Agata's Lemon Chicken)

Wow I cannot believe it is so long since I last blogged, July 29 is a while ago, no wonder I have been getting the hurry up from so many followers.

Jo and I started researching for a trip to Europe a couple of years ago, early on in her digging for things to do, Jo came across a cooking school on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, she has nagged me to take her there since.

Mamma Agata

Cooking Courses in Amalfi Coast

We don't go on our trip until May 2013, so when I saw Mamma Agata had released a cookbook, I thought we'd save some time and I would just buy the book and enjoy the food straight away, if it was as good as the many recommendations suggested.

The book arrived not long after ordering, personally signed by Mamma and her family, I cooked Jo a three course meal from the book in May this year, celebrating a year to our journey begins, you can see that blog here

Pollo al limeno

Last week Chiara posted a photo of a Lemon Chicken dish from the book, it looked 
Last week Chiara posted a photo of a Lemon Chicken dish from the book, it looked
amazing and after making comment, Chiara suggested I could make as it was on page 121 of the book, I took her advise and prepared this for Jo's dinner tonight, accompanied by roasted potato and baby carrots, and steamed Brocolini.

Happy to say it was as delicious as it looked, absolutely delicious in fact, now of course Jo want's more and has suggested I could cook it for her parents when we visit Geraldton over Christmas, might just have to do that.

If you are not planing a trip to Italy any time soon, you can buy a copy of the book from Mamma  Agata's webpages, it might not make it in time for Christmas, but then do you really need a reason to buy a quality cook book?

By the way, cooking great food with this book is a breeze, thanks to the step by step guide, photo's and Mama Agata's secret tips scattered throughout the book, which makes it a terrific book whether you are a seasoned cook or a beginner.

Boun Apetito

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