Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sicilian styled Red Throat Emperor

I love it when I go looking for a recipe and I come across one that has Neil Perry's name on it, as it usually means a relatively easy night in the kitchen and a a lot of Oh WOW's at the table, tonight's meal was no exception!.

Absolutely fantastic combination of flavours and oh so easy to put together, exactly what I have come to expect from the masters insight's, though I must admit I was a little concerned as to if it might please Jo Girl, but alas I need of of worried.

I convinced myself I was going to follow this recipe to a tee, exact ingredients and methods, then I walked into the fish mongers and found the exact fish fillets the recipe called for.  Unfortunately, however, right beside them were the most succulent looking Red Throat Emperor fillets, as white as white can be and thick and juicy looking, my mouth began to water as memories of catching this species at Point Sampson came flooding back.

I ordered a half kilo and I will admit I have had no regrets, nil at all, they were brilliant white steaks, and smelled just like the ocean they came from, having made a slight change to the main ingredient, I also decide to douse the fillets in a little seasoned rice flour.  When it came to cook I took a look at Neil's method and it sort of made sense for cooking whiting fillets, but when considering the beaut Red Throat Emperor fillets I had to cook, I decided to get started on the salsa first and the fish halfway through, it all came together nicely and it was not long after it hit the table the noise started!!
I love Neil Perry recipe's they are awesome, click this link and try it bet you cook it again and again!!

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