Friday, August 26, 2011

Hare Stew & Fettuccine

I had a day off today so as to get a little treatment on my back in the way of a little Remedial Massage Therapy, it was suggested I should go home and veg for the weekend, which I started out doing pretty well.
But then the boredom kicks in and I wander into the kitchen to see what I can cook for Princess when she gets home from a hard day. 
Since having a go at making my own ravioli I have had the yearning to make more pasta, and I find making pasta is therapeutic in itself, though now the jobs done my back is niggling!
Not to matter I have a beautiful dish of freshly made fettuccine to go with the Hare Stew I have prepared.  I can hardly wait for Jo to walk in the door to be greeted by the wonderful aromas wafting through the house, the stew smells amazing.
The recipe for the stew I obtained from John Maiorana, it was one of the dishes he did for the pasta class Michael and I attended, the crafty bugger though did not include the recipe for his stock in which he cooks the bones from the freshly boned out rabbit that goes into the stew.  Thankfully on the day I did listen to his comments as to how he went about making the stock, gleaning important information such as the use of star anise and fennel, along with onion, carrot and celery, the basics of any good stock.

The results are sitting on my stove top, and the stew is packed full of flavour, the meat is so tender it dissolves in your mouth, there is no need to chew, I am so pleased with it, it is so much so how I remember John’s dish a few weeks back, really looking forward to boiling a pot of water to throw the fettuccine into for a couple of minutes, then it is time to tuck in!

Come on Jo I am only waiting for you!!!

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