Saturday, October 2, 2010

Savoury muffins

Note : The recipe that inspired me is called Savoury Spinach, Feta, and Roasted Pepper Muffins, but I changed it a bit as I thought if I added, "fresh Roasted Capsicum, Bacon, Romano Cheese and Mushroom" to the end of the title, it was getting a bit long, so Savoury Muffins it is!

What can a bloke do when he is left home alone for a weekend?  Bake of course, bake!

I have always loved to bake stuff, just haven’t done a lot of it, because the only thing wrong with baking is you make enough for 8 to 10 people and most the time, since I started cooking I have either cooked for one or two, and my gorgeous wife is not a big fan of cakes and desserts.

Well I may have an answer today whilst browsing other people’s blogs I came across this recipe for savoury muffins, it looked easy enough to do, only make 12 muffins, which with Jo girls help will be easy for us to knock off.   So I currently have 12 muffins baking away in the oven making house smell amazing!

The savoury part of the muffins recipe called for spinach, roasted capsicum out of a jar and some feta cheese, all of which sound great,  and as my boss gave me some fresh home grown spinach I thought that a great opportunity to use some of it in the muffins.  Also I love roasted capsicum, but could not bring myself to use stuff out of a jar, so I roasted 3 small capsicums for 20 minutes, then put them in a plastic bag for 5 minutes before peeling the skins off and dicing them up, I also added a big field mushroom thinly sliced and 3 diced rashers of cooked bacon, because anything savoury should have bacon and a ¼ cup of grated Romano Cheese.

I just had a quick look at them in the oven and they are rising beautifully, will have them out in another 5 minutes, to cool off on a rack, and can’t wait to try one they look soooo gooood!

Mmmmmmmmm couldn’t help myself, just took them out of the oven and had to try one, it is still hot so the cheese is yummy and gooey , made the right decision with the roasted capsicum too it is yummo!

Eleven ten to go!


  1. Hope there is some left for you when you get home Darling, missing you and love you soooo much xxxx

  2. I'm a bit sad I missed out on the freshly made muffins but have come home to a day old muffin and Bang! the flavour & texture are still there. What a magnificent job you have done.
    Love you too Mr Jack xxx T